Designed for use across multiple specialties including radiology, cardiology, surgery and more, Synapse 3D is an enterprise-wide solution for quickly performing advanced visualization workflows and accessing 3D rendered images. Full integration with Synapse 5 PACS and Synapse Cardiovascular means one-click access from any Synapse client.

SYNAPSE 3D Clinical Images

Ideal for enterprise imaging, Synapse 5 ranks among the fastest medical imaging solutions in the industry. With a focus on speed and interactivity, Synapse 5 provides sub-second, on-demand access to massive datasets and the ability to interact with the data—resulting in optimized healthcare delivery. A disruptive technology that sets new standards for enterprise imaging, Synapse 5 server-side architecture creates the perfect foundation to take advantage of our image intelligence experience, analytics expertise, and the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Informatics.

At the core of Fujifilm’s comprehensive Enterprise Imaging portfolio, the TeraMedica division of Fujifilm’s patented Synapse VNA leads the vendor-neutral archive market by integrating more specialties, more devices, and more data than any other VNA. Healthcare organizations can achieve cost savings, impact clinical outcomes, optimize workflow efficiencies, securely manage all departmental data and experience true imaging interoperability through the combination of Synapse VNA, the Synapse Mobility Enterprise Viewer, and Virtual Image Exchange.